CCROC Bulletins
December 28, 2015
Analytics and Mapping
December 28, 2015

Bi-Monthly Investigative Meetings


CCROC is a combination of numerous private sector companies and federal, state and local police agencies. Bringing these groups together to share information and network is one of the critical functions of CCROC. The sharing of information should coincide with the collaboration of the investigations to be successful. Building relationships and trust among members is a significant way to best build these investigations and allow members to comfortably share information. Though much of today’s business is done in cyber space nothing can replace the building blocks created by face to face meeting. These Bi-Monthly meetings allow people to bring information and investigations to build with other private sector companies and police jurisdictions. It is a time in which a preliminary rundown of a case can be presented to prosecutors to help guide the investigations. This also gives an opportunity to provide short trainings to our members and for the specialty committees to share information that has been developed on new cases or trends. Those committees include; Law Enforcement Intelligence, Retail Intelligence; Financial Intelligence, Cargo Theft Group, Cyber Crime Committee, Insurance and Benefits Fraud Committee, Identify Theft Group, Pharmaceuticals Crimes Committee, International and Gang Groups.