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December 28, 2015
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December 28, 2015

Analytics and Mapping


The ROCRAIDS system will include more than 100 variables of incident-specific data related to each event, including the event narratives and images. All of the information for the event can be viewed, including detailed technical information, TTP, and equipment involved. Narratives and other note fields are also included.

The ROCRAIDS system will include “layered” access to the system. That is, a minimum of two levels of access (“law enforcement only” to see all records and “everyone” to see only records with non-law enforcement sensitive data). The customer may also choose an alternate option of three layers: law enforcement only, limited data view, and everyone. This would allow law enforcement records to share “limited” information with selected users from law enforcement entries (similar to RAIDSOnline providing limited information on crime reports available in ATACRAIDS, which is a law enforcement only application).

Each user has their own custom settings, allowing users to focus on the information that matters to them most. ROCRAIDS remembers any of these filters or settings for future sessions. For example, personnel can set ROCRAIDS to automatically center the map to display their region, display only events that occurred within their region, and even display specific types of events. ROCRAIDS will also, as a user enters key information into the system, advise the user when a name, license plate or other unique characteristics already exists in the system. This may prompt the user to explore other, possibly related incidents and cases.

Users can view, analyze and download data from areas that border their region, store, collaborative partners or outside participating users. Data is automatically cleaned to improve data quality standards and promote multi-entity collaboration.
Meaningful, visually stunning graphs help users visualize trends across territorial lines or areas of interest. Users can choose from over 200 dashboard graphs and charts that analyze nearly every aspect of their data. Each user can have a custom dashboard layout with up to 8 graphs and charts in view at one time.
ROCRAIDS dynamically adjusts the map, grid and analytics views of data as the user applies filters and moves around the map. This fully integrated system allows users to quickly map the events that are of interest to them, and then view incident information and analytics for only those events that are in their view. Users can apply a filter on any variable in the ROCRAIDS system, and any number of filters can be active at one time.